Description Loose Sorbent "Diakor"
The product is intended for the removal of harmful liquid substances, incl. oils, fuels,
lubricants, acids, bases. It can be used on open and oily surfaces as well as for removal
substances from the surface of soil, floors, closed floors of industrial facilities, warehouses,
workshops and on other materials, e.g. rubber mats, PVC mats, etc.


The surface should be sprinkled with sorbent in such amounts that the substance is
completely absorbed. Then collect the sorbent from the surface contaminated with the
substance and pack it into a sealed container. After removing the sorbent, use a professional
degreaser (remover) that has the appropriate opinion for use. All items should be disposed
of to qualified services that have appropriate disposal and processing equipment.


  • Granulated, loose mineral sorbent
  • Absorptivity, Hydrocarbons: 67 %
  • Water: 97%
  • Bulk density: 550 g/l ± 10 %
  • Buoyancy: not applicable
  • Granularity:: Ø> 4mm 0 % | Ø< 0,125mm 16 % ± 10